Kopacki rit

If you want to experience the primeval nature, nature in all its beauty, but also nature that is merciless and vicious, then visit Kopacki Rit. There you will be equally faced with both the beauty of birth and the sorrow of dying. Everything that nature has to show in its infinite diversity, you will find in forests and waters of Kopacki Rit.

The world-famous natural wetlands KOPACKI RIT, the largest natural fish nursery, is a great place for leisure and recreation for fishermen and hunters. This is the habitat of many thousands of game animals such as roe deer, large red deer, wild boar and feathered game.

Kopacki Rit stands as an easily accessible bird watching paradise with 270 bird species recorded where anyone can witness the beauty and richness of the nature preserved at its best by taking a guided boat tour on the Kopacevo Lake.

Kopacki Rit is recognized internationally for its significance. It has been selected as the Ramsar Area protected by Ramsar Convention (Convention on internationally important flood areas), included also in the IBA (Important Bird Area) list.

Kopacki Rit is a natural wetlands reserve that has emerged on the confluence of river Drava into Danube with a flood area of approximately 17,000 hectares. It was proclaimed a protected area in 1967 and a nature reserve in 1976. Reason for that is the fact that it is the home of around 40 species of freshwater fish (carp, pike, sheat-fish, pike-perch, bream, tench, sturgeon, prussian carp) and one of the largest natural fish nurseries in Central Europe.

Around 267 species of marsh birds live here, among which especially valued are: white tailed sea eagle, black stork, egret, tern, night teron, various wild duck species, wild geese, white swan.

The immense reeds, marshes and ponds of Kopacki Rit offer the ideal habitat for Baranja red deer, roe, wild boar, wild cat. Small game is represented by: hare, fox, badger, pheasant and pine marten.

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