Olympics of Old Sports in Brodjanci

The only and the most significant cultural and sport event traditionally held for more than 30 years in the area of Bizovac is the Olympics of Old Sports in Brodjanci.

Traditional old sports, which are presented at the Olympics, are several centuries old and there are a few documents of how and where they first appeared.

Before the time of modern sports, these old sports were played mainly by shepherds while they were watching out for their herds or resting, farmers played them after hard work in the fields or children during their free time. On Sundays or festivity days, young men would compete in front of their sweethearts in order to prove themselves.

At the day of the Olympics, the stadium is used not only for the competition of senior men and women and children, but also as the stage for exhibits from the gallery fund, shows of folklore groups, singers of Slavonian songs, carts , riders and other ethnological content. The event also includes rich gastronomical program composed of national meals, drinks and home-made cakes, as well as the traditional ox grilling.

Event is held: Every year, last Sunday in August.

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