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Contact I. L. Ribara 8a, Karanac
+385 (0) 91 13 73 793 ,
098 25 26 74
xxxivicaimaricaxtaxivica-marica.com www.ivica-marica.com

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The "Ivica i Marica"(Hansel and Gretel) Farmstead

House with 20 beds, either rooms or apartments, luxuriously equipped with homemade furniture and satellite TV. The farmstead has a large hall with capacity of 50 people, together with a smaller one with capacity of 20 people for birthday parties, baptismal fetes and seminars, upon prior arrangement. It is possible to rent entire house. Guests are offered homemade specialties. Activities: horse riding (there are five horses at the farmstead), horse carriage and horse cab ride, cycling, rollerblading, Nordic walking.

A tourist farmstead offering horse riding to tourists. There are four horses (Tena, Lara, Đenka and "a little stallion Falcon”).