Hunting and Fishing

There are 83 established mutual hunting-grounds in Osijek-Baranja County covering a total hunting area of 347,685 hectares. These are managed by hunting associations, united into Hunting Union of Osijek-Baranja County. There are also 14 state hunting-grounds, which are mainly in private lease, or their hunting rights have been entrusted to the public company "Croatian Forests" – Forest authority Nasice (hunting-ground "Djurdjenica"), and Forest authority Osijek (hunting-grounds "Tikves", "Podunavlje-Podravlje", and game breeding sites "Mackovac", "Kujnjak" and "Nabrdje").

The county has a rich hunting tradition, especially on the big game, and today it can offer high trophy game in open hunting-grounds (deer, wild boar, roe deer), and in enclosed hunting-grounds (fallow deer, mouflon).

Offer of the small game includes: pheasant, woodcock, quail, partridge, mallard, wild goose and hare. Tastefully decorated hunting lodges offer quality accommodation and rich home cooking. Beside the red deer in Baranja and in lowland forests of Našice and Donji Miholjac, in 2001 a roe-buck trophy was acquired in Staro Petrovo Selo area, evaluated at 191.65 CIC points.

Wild boar is present in majority of county's hunting-grounds. Pheasant is spread throughout the entire county area and it is the main hunting game in mutual hunting-grounds. Since natural reproduction does not satisfy hunter's demand for this game, the pheasant population is supplemented with artificial rearing. Greatest producer of pheasants in the county is LD "Pheasant" Darda.


Hunting Union of Osijek-Baranjske county
P. Pejacevica 5, 31000 Osijek
tel.: +385 (0) 31 369-592

Hunting lodge Jarcevac
Petrijevci b.b., Petrijevci
tel.: +385 (0) 31 395-486

Hunting lodge Kondric
Kondric bb, Kondric
tel.: +385 (0) 31 892-000

Hunting lodge Lacici
Koska bb, Koska
tel.: +385 (0) 31 647-212

Hunting lodge Monjoros
Monjoros 3, Zmajevac

Hunting lodge Prkos
Klokocevci bb, Nasice
tel.: +385 (0) 31 607-221

Hunting lodge Tikves
Tikves bb, Tikves