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Kopački rit

Having a permanent protected status, one of the most well-preserved wetlands in Europe. The natural swampy reserve lies in the confluence of the Danube and Drava rivers. An extremely significant ornithological area, a natural habitat for as many as 285 bird species. The biggest natural fish hatching grounds (even 44 species), a habitat of does, famous prize trophy deer and wild boars. Scientists have recorded even 54 mammals, 10 reptile and 11 amphibian species. Within the protected area of Kopački rit (17,700 ha) a Special Zoo Reserve stretches on almost 7,000 ha. Among the endangered European bird species, over 20 pairs of white-tailed eagle, over 30 pairs of black stork and 4 to 5 pairs of saker falcon nest in this area. Kopački rit is a very versatile tourist destination, particularly interesting as a place for rest, sports-recreation, hunting and fishing activities, attractive sailings along Lake Kopačevsko and a very popular place for watching and photographing the birds. Especially interesting are cormorants, birds whose survival is based exclusively on richness and quality of fish fund. The success in preserving the natural food chain in some details assumed the form of strong local legends. An adult bird eats several kilograms of fish every day.