Tamburitza Music

It is said that Osijek is the cradle of tamburitza music. The first tamburitza club in Osijek was founded in 1847. It had been founded by Pajo Kolaric, turning tamburitza into the most popular folk musical instrument. Thus Osijek has become not only the tamburitza center of Croatia, but also of the entire Slavic south.

In the nineties of the last century, simultaneously with the creation of Croatian state, the interest for tamburitza was again roused, and numerous quality tamburitza bands have been formed. Next to already well known Slavonski Becari, groups and singers have appeared that dominate the Croatian music scene.

Tamburitza music has proven that it is on equal footing with other musical directions. Songs performed with tamburitza are among the most popular. Numerous musical happenings and events, which are held in Slavonia and Osijek-Baranja County, have contributed to the popularity of tamburitza bands. From their inception until today, such events have been oases of musical expression of popular tradition, festivals of folk costumes, customs, tamburitza bands, folklore ensembles and folk singers.

Worth singling out among several hundreds of popular Croatian tamburitza bands are "Slavonski Becari", "Lole", "Ravnica", "Veseli Sokci", and among singers, the legends of our tamburitza music: Vera Svoboda and Krunoslav Kico Slabinac, Marta Nikolin, Viktorija Kulisic, Miroslav Skoro and others.