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Kolar Ethno Collection - The Pearls of Baranja

Analyzing the history of Baranja, one may conclude that the wars have been waged throughout the region and that the area was subject to the plunders and destruction that have impoverished the population and its legacy. At the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, a more peaceful period occurred, when the diligent hands of the inhabitants did not have to be in a necessity excessively, so they could erect the stylish edifices equipped by high-quality furniture and china decorations and ornamented by paintings. We would like to depict these times to our visitors. During a "time travel," you will enjoy an opportunity to forget quotidian fatigues, being able to explore a heritage of a peaceful and venerated past nostalgically. Subsequent to 40 years of material collection, we are grateful that the time has come to present the cultural heritage testimonies of a centennial turning point to the distinguished individuals interested therein: the objects utilized by our ancestors, being the authentic artefacts of a middle estate.