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Prandau - Mailath Castle

Old castle, one of the first larger buildings in Donji Miholjac, was built in 1818 for the aristocratic Prandau family. The building was constructed in late Baroque style and it was the first to be covered with roof tiles in its entirety. It has two parlors, fourteen rooms and several kitchens and pantries. In the park surrounding the castle a glasshouse for tropical and winter plants was also built. Construction of the new castle begun in 1903 after the visit by Emperor Francis Joseph to Donji Miholjac. Administrator of the Miholjac manor, Count Ladislav Mailath built it in English Tudor style, which is abundant with numerous towers, mansard windows and spacious terraces and balconies. Building has 50 rooms with circa 3,500 square meters of usable space. The interior was decorated with count's hunting trophies from trips to Asia and Africa. The ground floor was designed for everyday stay, located here were winter and summer dinning room, music room, dance hall, library and castle's office rooms. All the rooms were covered with oakwood panels. Servant rooms were located in the loft. Castle possessed its own source of electric energy, a water supply system and central heating with a combination of tile stoves and open fireplaces. In 1930 Count sells the castle and the estates to the Schlesinger family, which remained its owner until 1941, when they left Kingdom of Yugoslavia fleeing before fascist occupation. Today, castle is the seat of Donji Miholjac city government.