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The monument in Batina

The monument to the Battle of Batina was made by Antun Augustinčić in 1946. It serves as a reminder of the Battle of Batina which lasted from November 11 to 30, 1944. The Battle of Batina, in which members of the Red Army and Partisan fought, created preconditions for liberating Baranja from German occupation. It is assumed that about 2,000 members of the Red Army were killed in only a few days. The old inhabitants of Batina are still telling that in 1944 the Danube used to be red for days from the blood of killed soldiers. Three years after the Battle of Batina, the monument to the Red Army was erected, marking the site of the fiercest battles (the so called Hill 169). The central part of the monument is a grandiose 27 metre obelisk, on top of which there is an eight-metre bronze sculpture of Victory. The monument is particularly stirring because of the mass grave, housing the remnants of 1,297 soldiers of the Red Army.