The Šokac House/Museum in Topolje

A kind of ethnographic museum situated in the Baranja region. The house was built in 1918 with all the objects, furniture and folk clothes in it being very old. Some items are more than 200 years old, yet everything exhibited in the house is still functionable. About 1,600 exhibits are kept there, all of them being more than 50 years old. The entire house consists of a row of rooms outwardly connected by an open corridor – ganak. From the entrance room, one could enter the room which served both as a bedroom and a study during the winter, as well as living room. Two other doors are visible from ganak, leading to kijeri – the rooms where clothes were kept, initially intended for sons and daughters-in-law. Coming to her new home, a daughter-in-law was obliged to bring a dowry to her marriage. Such a dowry was supposed to equip the kijer.