Slavonians have always known how to turn the riches of fields, forests, rivers and pens into a delicious bite and take pride in abundance of good food.

Few of our regions can take pride in such a wealth of recipes. In the far and wide known Slavonian delicacies there are few threads woven from Dalmatian, Zagorje, Lika and some other European cuisines.

Many occasions in life of Slavonians are the motive for great celebrations. That is how the occasion-specific meals for harvest works, births, engagements, weddings, church holidays (Christmas, Easter, carnivals), renowned Slavonian pig-slaughters came into existence.

We are especially proud of meals prepared according to original recipes, like cobanac stew, fish stew, chicken stews and many others. Widely adopted is preparation of stewed vegetables bound with red pepper coated browned flour. In the house of every true Slavonian you will be treated with homemade kulen smoked pepper sausage, homemade smoked ham, smoked sausage and other recognizable delicacies.

Kind Slavonian soul, noble heart and well-known hospitality will make enjoyment in these meals an unforgettable experience.


Fish stew

Prepare for 10 persons
2 kg of carp
75 dkg of sheath-fish
25 dkg of pike
3-4 onions
5 dkg of salt
1.5 dkg of mild dried ground pepper
2-3 chili peppers
15 dkg of tomato puree
3 dkg of hot dried ground pepper

Gut and scale the fish and cut it to appropriate size pieces. Grind or grate the cleaned onions. Put the onion, fish, chili peppers and tomato on the bottom of the cauldron, add 3-4 liters of water and cook on strong fire. When the stew boils add salt, hot and mild ground pepper, and cook for around 30 more minutes. It is recommended to serve home-made strip noodles with the fish stew, which have to be cooked and served separately.

Carp on forked branch

Prepare for 4 persons
2 carps weighing 1 kg each
0.3 dl of oil
2 dkg of salt

Cut the scaled carp along the backside, and gut it. In the meantime prepare hazel forked branches, and place the salted and oiled carp on them. Use soft wire to secure it on tops. Thus wedged carp is baked over live coals, with fork stuck in the ground under a 40% angle over the coals. Carp is baked when it gets nice golden brown, and has to be removed from the fork. It can be served with a side dish and chopped garlic.

Lamb under peka (baking lid)

Prepare for 4 persons
2 kg of lamb
1 kg of potatoes
2 dkg of salt
1 dkg of Vegeta
1 dl of oil

Apply the mixture of salt and Vegeta on the lamb meat and leave it standing for an hour or two. Peel, slice and salt the potatoes. Put meat and potatoes in the peka, oil and add little water. Place the peka on wood and charcoal live coals. Cover and put coals on the lid also. Temperature shouldn't be too high. Remove the lid after 30 minutes and turn the meat over, replace the lid and add embers. Bake for another 30-40 minutes. Peppers, onions, tomatoes or other vegetables can be added with the meat prior to baking.