The most valuable non-church building in Baranja is the Eugene of Savoy's hunting castle located in Bilje, not far from Kopacki Rit. It is basically a closed quadrangle with a colored coat of arms and flags which speak of the victor over the Turks, whom Ljudevit 14th declined to enroll in the army because of his short figure.

The manorial estate with the park represents the central tourist attraction. The park is protected as a horticultural monument. Single-naved parish church of St. Mary with a portal dating from 1775 has inventory from 18th and 19th centuries.

The only remaining steppe area in Croatia is located near Bilje, with three plant species that grow only in this area. Their attractive appearance attracts attention of passersby during spring and summer.

The Bilje Lake is an attractive spot for sport fishermen.

The neighboring village of Mece is the center of Belje - one of the oldest European industrial-agricultural cooperative farms.

Not far away is the Nature Park Kopacki Rit, the unique preserved wetland area in this part of Europe.

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