The Darda municipality is located in the south-western part of Baranja next to Bilje and Ceminac municipalities. It is about ten kilometers away from the seat of Osijek-Baranja County, on the international road communication between The Republic of Hungary and Osijek.

The municipality area has rich history heritage; during the Roman Times Darda was a very important strategic point on the Danube border along which communication from Mursa (Osijek) to Aqvinicum (Budapest) passed.

The first written document mentioning Darda dates from 1410, when it was in the possession of Ladislav Sigetti. The earliest population census was performed in 1690, and it shows there were 75 families living there at the time.

In 1848 Kazimir Esterhazy has built a castle in Darda, which is today registered as a monument of cultural heritage.

A major main tourist attraction is certainly the Djola Lake with its beautiful surroundings, attracting many swimmers in search of refreshment in the summer.

More on Darda at www.darda.hr.