Djurdjenovac is located in the plains, in the central part of Slavonia, north of the Krndija Mountain massif and some 60 kilometers west from Osijek. According to its geographical position it thus belongs to Lower Podravina.

Its traffic connections with the world include old Podravska Magistrala road and Osijek - Zagreb railway line in the east - west direction, and Donji Miholjac - Nasice - Pozega - Nova Gradiska road in the north - south direction.

Although it has always been surrounded by typical Slavonian villages, Djurdjenovac was urbanistically conceived as a workers' settlement modeled on similar settlements of Central Europe. Such a settlement was comprised of standardized multi-apartment houses (column) in center of which multiple facilities essential for the population (shop, butcher shop, bakery...) are located, and of beautiful housing objects with decorated gardens for factory directors and managers.

Djurdjenovac has kept that image until the present day, but numerous former objects have been practically irrecoverably destroyed or are not in function, either because of negligence of local authorities or because of the usual natural course of things - affected by the ravages of time (once beautiful Djurdjenovac park, stands of the sport stadium, athletic course around the football field, firefighting tower, clerks club, sports hall, the open pool next to Djurdjenovac fishponds, dance stage within the old fire station, youth meeting-place in front of the villa, old school premises, the auto-moto club premises, many social buildings or even certain parts of the settlement).

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