Continuity of settlements from the Middle Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age has been discovered on the Gradac Hill.

Military seals on bricks, found at the location of the Roman Ad Militare fortress, show that a Roman camp could have existed there since the end of the 1st century.

Also discovered were the foundations of a 1.8 m thick and 15 m long antique wall. Baroque chapel with a statue of patron saint John of Nepomuk was erected on the banks of Danube in 1756.

Picturesqueness of Batina above Danube, right next to the great bridge connecting Croatian Baranja with Backa in Vojvodina, location by the border crossing and the beauty of the countryside attract many picnickers.

The Bansko Brdo Hill offers a nice view of Danube, Backa, Hungary and Baranja. Vineyards and wine cellars, with one side buried in the hill, are the particularity of the area.

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