Ernestinovo is a municipality seat in Osijek-Baranja County whose origins date back to year 1865.

The area was a wetland then. At that time Backa was over-populated with Danube Schwaben. That year large estate owners Klein and Eisner have bought the estate where Ernestinovo is situated today.

They have immigrated 53 Danube Schwaben families from Backa. A house was built for each family, and was also given a garden and 4.6 hectares of land.

The settlement was named after Mrs. Ernestinbe Klein, the estate owner's wife.

With a great deal of difficulties (droughts 1866-1869, floods 1870-1873, cholera in 1871) the settlement was developing gradually and a brass bend was formed in 1922, volunteer fire department in 1924, and readers club in 1926.

Over a century after the first immigration and more than twenty years after the organized colonization, construction of the first church in Ernestinovo was started on November 15, 1973.

The construction was funded entirely with Ernestinovo inhabitants' voluntary contributions and, to a lesser degree, with aid of former inhabitants from Australia. Construction of the church lasted several years. Although unfinished, the church was blessed by Bishop Ordinary Ciril Kos in 1979.

Blessing of the Way of the Cross –a very valuable gift of naive expression artist of the Ernestinovo sculpture colony took place in 1979.