The Gorjani settlement has been mentioned in written documents for the first time in 1244. However, new information has been discovered during research of the historical materials for purposes of church reconstruction study. According to theory by Ivan Kukuljevic Sakcinski, Gorjani have been first mentioned in 1201.

Historical documents mention existence of fortress town in the 12th century, and Dominican monastery in the 14th century. Turks have conquered Gorjani in 1537, destroying all the objects they found and building new ones.

Left over from the Turkish period is a part of bey Jahija's tower. In 1837 vicar Filipovic altered the remains of the tower into a church and added the belfry. It is known as church of Three Holy Kings today. There is a carved inscription which speaks of its past: YEAR 1687. TURKISH HOUSE- YEAR 1837. BOXIA.

There are various tourist possibilities: the Sibik forest is suitable for one-day pheasant hunts.

Horse carriage trips to forest hunting lodge can be organized, drawn by horses bred by local horse-breeding association. Enclosed wild boar breeding area (gater) allows wild boar hunting demonstrations. Visits are supplemented with rich offer of Slavonian cuisine.

Folklore of Gorjani is rich and interesting. The LJELJE custom from the Turkish period needs to be mentioned. Legend says that when the Turks imprisoned all of the men, women disguised themselves and freed their boyfriends and husbands using swords. Thus, special folk costumes and richly decorated men's hats are worn for this custom and each girl wields a sword. Performance of the LJELJE custom is possible for tourist groups.