Knezevi Vinogradi

Tourist offer of Knezevi Vinogradi municipality, including municipality area's rural settlements Karanac, Kamenac, Kotlina, Suza and Zmajevac, and heaths Jasenovac, Mirkovac and Sokolovac encompasses:

» Recreational sport center - Swimming-pools - in Knezevi Vinogradi. Sports grounds, two swimming pools, bowling alley and restaurant with 300 seats. 5000 sq. m fishpond for sport fishing.

» Cellars in Suza and Zmajevac.

» Hunting and fishing tourism at a Danube backwater - accommodation in "Sunjog Carda" at backwater's estuary into Danube - 6 km from village Zmajevac. Hunting lodge "Monjoros" and the above mentioned Carda are owned by Croatian Forests. Accommodation for 8-10 fishermen.

» Belje cellar facility in Knezevi Vinogradi. Old part of the cellars was built back in Roman Times - buried in the ground with two levels. Located beneath the cellar is the Church of the Reformation - a cultural monument of high category.