Marijanci municipality is the host of the "Kolo na cimenu" folklore event, which is held every last Sunday in May, close to the Croatian Independence Day. Within the celebration of the Municipality's Day on May 8, "Nativity of the Virgin Mary", the Open Evenings cultural event organized by the "Slavonian Fairy" Marijanci-Kunisinci cultural club is also held.

An important cultural monument is the parish church of St. Peter and Paul with a Gothic portal on the south gate from 14th or 15th century.

Located near Marijanci is the site of a former Celtic fort from the 1st century AD. Soundings were carried out on the site and it was determined that the settlement and the fort had existed for about 20 years, according to the discovered finds and the layer in which they are located.

Marijanci is the home to naïve expression painter Ivan Francuz who has organized and participated in several group and individual exhibitions.