Speaking of the name of Viljevo village, we can say that its origin still has not been interpreted with complete certainty, but it seems that it originates from the word vila (Latin: villa) which means place, habitat, dwelling, or village in a broader sense. The village is mentioned for the first time under the name Viljevo, written as Wyllow, in 1229 in a document with which Andrija, King of Hungary and Croatia, confirms the ownership of the family estate Osuvak to Prince Marcel of Pakrac of the Teten tribe, with a repeated description of the boundaries of the estate, which, among other things states that the boundary begins on the bank of Drava and that with one its part it "crosses over the large road which leads from Osuvak to Viljevo, and continues all the way to Sas forest".

Present day village of Viljevo is located in the Podravina part of Slavonia in Osijek-Baranja County, to the west and a little to the south of Donji Miholjac, by the river Drava and the Zagreb - Virovitica - Osijek road.

Viljevo Municipality Day is celebrated on November 30.
There are hunting possibilities in the vicinity of the place, and various kinds of game are bred on the hunting grounds: feathered game-pheasants, big game – deer, and other kinds of big game. Fishing is possible on Drava and nearby fishponds.

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